Wednesday 26 December 2012

Let us initiate...… Swami Vivekananda...…

For more than a Century his thoughts are holding Sway over Nationlists and Spiritually Oriented persons.  Now on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary, Vivekananda Kendra along with other  likeminded organisations have planned for a grand and wide spread celebrations throughout the year.  These celebrations are going to be different from the celebrations that we are used to.
We have praised him a lot, worshipped him, read him, and written a lot about him. Adjectives are exhausted in his praise.  Libraries and stacked full with his books.  We have worked his ideas too.  But this is an area where we need to double up.  The enormity of the problems, which our society is facing and the vastness of the masses that are untouched by his life giving message imply that the work which we have done so far is not enough.  To address these specific needs Vivekananda Kendra has designed 5 Special programs which will take Swamiji's ever relevant messages to the 5 important segments of our society.  Youth, Women, Intellectuals, Rural people and Tribal people are these five.  Vivekananda Kendra has prudently joined hands with other organisations to ensure that this goal is achieved.  These events are going to be Historic.  They are going to be memorable not just for the people who are going to take an active part in it., but for the millions who are going to get benefited.  The Centenary Celebrations saw the launch of Vivekananda Kendra, a nationwide Service Organisation.  This 150th birth anniversary celebration will see the regeneration of the Spirit of Dharma and Spiritual Nationalism.

Let us all take part in these celebrations which will be a Yagna in our life.  Among our midst there will be many who are uninitiated to Swamiji's message.  Let us make a vow that we will take Swamiji's message to these hitherto uninitiated people.  Let us use this opportunity to make our life more meaningful. 

A generous dose of his Vedantic humanism is needed for the Present World which is sick due to the Religious fundamentalism.

If words the ethics, Morality, Compassions, and Truthfulness are not to become archaic in our usage, this work is vital.


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