Tuesday 28 March 2017

A Motion uncalled for…

The Canadian parliament passed a motion recently which curbs criticism of Islam as a religion. The anti-Islamophobia motion is also referred as the M-103 motion. It got a overwhelming majority of 201 votes in support against 91 who opposed it. This follows the weak kneed approach towards the refugees issue by many of the European countries. When the entire world is calling for a concerted action against the fundamentalist ideologies which threaten the humanity to its brink, this retrograde move comes as a shocker to the international community. This only emphasizes the fact that politicians are of the same ilk, wherever they are, acting against the interests of the humanity. Instead of safeguarding the victims they are siding with the aggressors, the kind of Dhimmitude, towards which all the aggressions are intended. 

Compare this with the plight which Hinduism faces in its birthplace. All sort of adverse inferences are cast against the country’s major religion by the so called liberal free speech votaries. This continues day in and day out, in all spheres and this goes very much unchallenged. In fact a similar motion is needed in our country, not to bar the criticisms, but only to save the much maligned religion, Hinduism from biased mudslinging. The oldest civilsation, is actually in a brittle condition due to continued smear campaign.

Years of exposure to this cesspool of lies have benumbed the general population of our country that they seldom react to such innuendos. Hence, a lie repeated several thousand times gets an exalted position equivalent to truth. Recently a report came about the maligning of Hindu gods in the text books for the fifth standard children, studying in kerala. There was no media discussion about that and as expected the social ramification in response to that report was an often experienced deafening silence. Thus these misdemeanors by the zealots go unabated with the support of media and the powers that be. Even in case  when any rare voice of assertion is raised amidst the stupor in which our society is drenched in, the liberals and the secular media will shout it down from the roof to ensure that such calls for real freedom of speech gets suppressed in the howling raised by them. Remember the noise raised when the name of a road in New Delhi was changed from Aurangazeb to Abdul Kalam? Though both were Muslims, Abdul Kalam was a nationalist and naming a road after him was much to the annoyance of the liberals, that too changing it from their favorite Bigot.  This kind of calumny has been going on in our nation for the last several decades without any opposition. But with the new changing world order a glimmer of light is seen at the far end of the tunnel.  Let our hopes become true, for the sake of Humanity.

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