Tuesday 1 November 2022

Only a Mother Can… : November 2022

Vivekananda Kendra has taken up a nation-wide program, called Amruth Parivar, which means ideal family. The purpose of this program is to make the families more compliant with the Cultural heritage of our motherland and be in sync with the Spiritual Moorings of our Dharma. Ideal families will in turn mould the society into an ideal one. But within the family the vital cog who influences and determines the wellbeing of a family is invariably the mother or the eldest woman in the family. So the role of shaping our Nation starts with making the mother understand her responsibility. The personality of a child will flourish in a family where the child can get a secure atmosphere and positive relationship with people. This is especially important during the growing years. The child’s window of learning will be wide open during these years. During this learning phase the mother’s relationship with the child is crucial. This will impact the child’s growth in social, emotional, physical and cognitive spheres.

Among all the aspects the most important one which a person has to imbibe to becomea ideal social being is to be selfless. Who else other than a mother can be more suited to teach this value to her son or daughter? The very essence of Motherhood starts from the virtue of being selfless. Mother embodies selflessness in all her activities. Unbridled love is the reason for this selflessness exhibited by Mothers. Seeing the world through this wonderful prism of love is what every Mother should teach her child. Vision of Oneness will fructify when it is blended with this Vision of Love, the vision of Motherhood and without Love one cannot fully comprehend the vision of Oneness.

The crisis in the western world is mainly an outcome of the crisis in the society due to broken families. With the noose of globalisation around our neck, the danger is impending on our society too. At the right time Kendra has taken up this program of making  families value based one. We should ensure that this program reaches each and every Village in our Country.