Saturday 5 December 2015

Subjugation is what they want, not tolerance

The award wapsis, 'con star' echoing their fears and their wife's fears have all heated up a total non-issue into a hot headliner. Entire mainstream media is abuzz with discussions about the safety of minorities. Hindus with no media to vent their point of view have taken to social media.  The illogical, preposterous and the ridiculous allegations have been rightly rebutted in the social media. While countering these absurd allegations we should also try to find out the reasons for them at this juncture, especially when no big communal tension has erupted in the last sixteen months. Is it to derail the investments which are bound to come due to the initiatives taken by our Prime Minister, by projecting that this land is not safe enough for investments? Is the 'intolerance bogie' a creation of the Pseudo secular Intellectuals as they are not able to tolerate anything other than their ideology? Is it a ploy to veer the voters away especially during the assembly elections from the corruption free and development plank with which the ruling party has almost eclipsed a party which has ruled the country for six decades? Or is there something else which lies underneath the carpet which is too obvious for all of us to ignore?

Let us see some of the actions/decisions by this Government in the last one and a half year. Swacch Bharat programs, Make in India Initiatives, Jan Dhan Yojna schemes, Pahal Yojana scheme, Billions of dollars which are bound to come in as Investments due to the steps taken by Prime Minister are all not mere rhetorics. They are concrete action plans which have already started to materialize. But the signs of a Government which is not just focused on economic development but also keen on safeguarding the interests of the nation's cultural heritage came to fore through the cancellation of licenses of nearly 15000 NGos and announcing a 500 cr package to resettle the kashmiri Pundits. Choking the funds for the NGOs, many of which were actually indulging in nefarious and anti-national activities covertly was one main reason behind all these agitations. The '5star activists' are rattled as their funds are choked and not only that the government is also investigating about their erstwhile activities. The result is the rage which we see in the media. The Jihadis and the missionaries who are behind these NGOs are finding this new turf a difficult one to play on. They are not used to this kind of assertion. The Jihadis and Missionaries have all along toyed with a society which was lacking in self-esteem, confidence and courage. What they actually want and expect is subjugation and not assertion. Even after independence our country seldom showed this kind of assertion as it was ruled by people who were more like proxies to the colonial rulers.

This is a sign of a nation coming out of the shackles. If the rumblings are more, be assured that we are progressing in the right direction.