Tuesday 5 September 2017

A String theory of our own…

Universal brotherhood is treating the entire creation as one with his own self.
It is a concept which makes you think that the whole world is just one big family.
Show empathy towards everyone and every being.
It is a notion which beckons peace and harmony for the entire Humanity.

If that’s the case one may wonder why even after advancing so much on the technological front, we have lot of reservation in embracing the idea of Universal Brotherhood. It maybe because of our instinct which often prevails over our intellect. We humans to defeat the idea of the ‘survival of the fittest’ have evolved this wonderful phenomena called civilization. Civilization is where people come together as families, families come together as communities, communities come together to merge as the society and all these without losing their own unique diverse identities, form a harmonious civilized whole. 

But after evolving and advancing as a civilized society, we still grope for that smaller identity from where we started. For example: When we visit another country, we will be happy if we see our countrymen. When we visit another state within our country we will be happy to converse with someone from our own state, if we are in our own state, then we will search for someone from our own locality. This will further shrink to our own caste till it reaches our family. It may be an insecured feeling which is at the root of this vain search. But this search for the lesser identity defeats the very idea of civilization. Our Indian society has long before unearthed a remedy for this insecured search, which is our Dharma. Dharma extols us to feel the entire creation as not just divine but one with our own self. Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam is a call to feel that oneness. It is the same Dharmic vision of oneness which made Swami Vivekananda give his clarion call to the Humanity during his epoch making address at the World parliament of religions at Chicago in 1893.

From team building efforts of a sports unit or an organization, to the efforts to instill patriotism among fellow countrymen are all similar to this vision. But they have a limitation. They cannot transcend from their frontiers. This Dharmic vision of oneness is different from them as it transcends all barriers. It is a call to feel the entire creation as your own family, Vasudaiva kudumbakam. By making us realize that the entire creation is divine, it allows a seamless transition to the higher self from the lower one. This Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam, the vision to feel the divinity, to feel the oneness, is the string which attaches and carries all the lower identities without any sway. 

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