Saturday 29 April 2017

Choke them…

Another ambush, another round of condemnations, another reprisal will not see the end of the Naxal menace in our country, the tribal areas of which have become the hotbeds of secessionist activity. If the country has to see a lasting solution to these kinds of insurgent attacks, then it has to carry out combing operations not just in the Naxal infested tribal areas but also in the varsities known to be the breeding centres for these anti-national ideologies and activities. Maoists have long before captured many of the vantage positions in varsities like JNU and media where they continue their hoodwinking and influencing neutral minds without any check. These positions not only give them access to many young and fresh minds to be brainwashed, but also provide them their sustenance from the very state which they want to liquidate.  It is these breeding centres which incite innocent youngsters into fight against the Indian state. It is these breeding centres which with their contrived tales about our Ithihasas and Puranas, denigrate Hinduism, as they view it as their prime enemy. They foist tales to make Goddess Durga  as a scheming, fair-skinned, upper-caste woman who seduced a dark-skinned Dalit Mahishasura into defeat in a concocted festival that was named Mahishasur Shahadat Divas (Mahishasur Martyrdom Day). The unregistered union DSU does not only call for an armed rebellion against the Indian State. It also incites Dalit students for a civil war as much as it provokes the people of regions affected by Maoist terror. A poster it pasted prominently on the walls of some JNU hostels in 2015 reads: “Build a militant resistance against the mounting atrocities on Dalits.”

Maoist sympathizers and recruiters have time and again participated in programs conducted inside the JNU campus to instigate the student community to fight against the state. The administration of the varsities have turned a blind eye to all these kinds of unlawful and anti-national activities goes to prove our suspicion that this foreign funded menace has taken deep roots in our society. Many people think that the Maoist attacks are an uprising of the poor tribal against the rich political class who exploit them. But it is far from the truth. The poor tribal are forced to take up arms against the state by the Maoists. Maoists are against any development happening in the Tribal areas, as they want to stall the progress of our country. So they goad the villagers that their livelihood is being usurped by the development projects, but in reality it actually helps them in their livelihood. They want the tribal people to remain in their present miserable plight, so that they can continue their anti-national agenda by exploiting them. When the Maoists ask a villager to join their forces the villager has no other choice. Millions of tribal who doesn’t want to side with these anti-nationals have got displaced because of that in the last decade. Not many are fighting out of their own volition. If they refuse they will either be displaced or disposed. Fearing this many of the villagers join these Maoist insurgents. It is led by those who got infected by the Maoist plague in varsities like JNU. So choking the fountain head of this degenerate ideology is of utmost importance. All student bodies which identify themselves with the Maoist ideology should be banned and all the funding from foreign bodies to these varsities should be scrutinized and banned if needed. Those who eulogize people like Yakub Memon should be dealt with a stern hand. Along with the combing operations in the Naxal infested areas, these actions are also to be initiated to stop this menace from further bleeding our Nation.



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