Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Face the trouble with Optimism

The entire Humanity is now engulfed with fear and pessimism. The fear of death is now more protruding than at any time in the last century. This virus has taken the Human Mind for a toll. The daily tolls and new case numbers are only adding fuel to the already blazing fear. This results in constant pumping of cortisol by our body which will be very harmful. But what is the way out? Thanks to our traditional wisdom we have the way. Yes, our Yoga is the panacea to all these evils caused by mental stress. Yoga teaches us to ward of the negative thinking in an easy manner. Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali teaches us the method called ‘Prati Paksha Bha- vanam’. 
It will not be possible for a person to stop having one particular thought. Instead he can adopt the method of ‘Prati Paksha Bhavanam’ wherein he has constantly think of the opposite. So to avoid having negative thoughts, we should dwell about positive issues more. When a negative thought comes up, counter act it with a positive thought. If one gets carried away by the negative thought process, then the reaction that one expresses will also be negative. So we should consciously allow the Positive thoughts to fill up the Mind. When the mind is caught in the wheels of Rajas and Tamas, stress and anxiety are experienced. But positive thought which are basically Sattwic in nature, brings Bliss and Peace to the Mind. Filling up the mind with positivity will en- sure there is no space of negativity. When we worry about our health, we attract ill-health. On the other hand, when focusing on feelings of appreciation, happiness, hope, love, joy and peace, all such emotions are positive and uplifting and so act on the body and mind to restore and maintain bal- ance and harmony and actually stimulate circulation and nutrition bringing to you wonderful experiences. 
 The one who does not allow himself to focus on or be influenced or con- trolled by fears or forebodings is the one who ordinarily does not yield to discouragements or disappointments. He who focuses on thoughts that evoke feeling good about oneself is continually drawing to him/her good things to happen. The good feeling thoughts are continually helping to actualize his/her vibration in the realm of the material and spiritual worlds. 
Yuva Bharati - Editorial Team

Monday, 3 May 2021

Yoga to the rescue.

 History has seen several pandemics. Nearly 500 million people have perished due to pandemics in the last 12 millenniums, says a study. The modern world with all its advancements in medicine and technology is beset with another problem now.  That is the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which will affect a considerable number of people even after the wave of virus recedes. People who themselves have suffered due to the virus attack; people who have learnt about the death of their dear ones but could not attend the funeral due to the restrictions in travel; people who have exposed themselves constantly to aversive details through social media; people who have first-hand experience of the suffering, e.g. Doctors, Hospital personnel. Health care workers etc, are bound to be affected by this problem.

Apart from this direct impact of the virus there are other causes which will also impair a person’s psyche in an enormous way, such as, social isolation, unemployment, economic losses etc. The fear of virus exposure may go away from the public memory, but the terrible experience due to the above mentioned reasons will have a lasting impact. This stress and depression will lead to many other health problems. Many studies are being undertaken throughout the world to gauge the psychological impact of this pandemic. 

We can take solace from the fact that the Humanity has bounced back to normalcy from the earlier pandemic attacks. This time too that will happen though with a little bit more difficulty. The very advancements in the fields of Medicine and Technology, which have made our life cozy and with more longevity, it will also be the one to impede our recovery. Because, the recovery essentially asks for a minimalistic life style, which is antithetical to the modern life style. But the bitter pill has to be swallowed nevertheless, in order to come out of this dreadful state.

This is where organizations like Vivekananda Kendra have a role to play in the society. The resultant mental fatigue of the Covid Pandemic can be tackled by switching over to the Yoga way of life. Though this is something which organizations like ours, do regularly, now there is a dire need to do this activity with more intensity and far wider outreach. Manah prasamanah upaya yoga- ityabhi dhiyate, It is a subtle technique to tackle the problems which arise in the Mind, says Yoga Vasishta. This is the purpose of Yoga too. This science is more needed now to Humanity than at any other point of time in the History.



Saturday, 24 April 2021

syāt pradānaṁ tato’dhikam

 India’s role in helping the world community to wriggle itself out of the present Pandemic crisis is a sign that it is coming of age to assume its role of Jagadguru. The “Vaccine Maitri” initiative is a step towards that goal. When the panic driven world succumbed economically due to the spread of virus, very few would have expected that the solution will come from India. But the supposedly developing country had the answer to this global threat. Out of the vaccines which have been developed, the Indigenously developed Covaxin has found a lot of recipients in the world.  Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India has extended medical and other assistance to more than 150 countries in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. But apart from this Our Great land has something more to offer as a relief to the Humanity. It is the spiritual solution to the other more dangerous pandemic called Religious Fundamentalism. The world should listen to sane voice of India once the pandemic dust settles in. Swami Vivekananda said that, “Every other problem in life must be subordinated to that one principle theme(religion). That is also the law of Harmony in music. There may be a nation whose theme of life is Political Supremacy; religion and everything else must become subordinate to that one great theme of its life. But here is another nation whose great theme of life is Spirituality and renuncia
tion, whose one watchword is that this world is all Vanity and a delusion of three days”. 

The world direly needs the lesson of unselfishness now. Because there can be no Spiritual Journey possible where selfishness resides. India’s recent showing is an example of how a country, if properly guided by men of extraordinary will, can give the world a practical lesson in being unselfish. Giving more to the society than what we actually recive from it. Even when our own society is reeling under the threat of the Pandemic, India has extended its helping hand to several countries, many of which are very poor ones. The real test of an evolved society lies in the way it handles the obstacles and we have proved to the world that we are capable of guiding them.



Freedom of expression

 The chaos witnessed during the Republic day in our Capital were unprecedented. To our shock and dismay we saw our national flag being disrespected and brought down. This unpardonable crime has some back ground instigators and plotters who are all lined up before the law now. The act by one Disha Ravi is being probed by the police and the very same probe is being questioned by the liberals as an act which undermines the freedom of expression. But does it fall under the ambit of freedom of expression? Can we really afford to brush aside such seditious acts under the garb of freedom of expression? Supporting the farmer’s agitation is one, but aligning with known Khalistani separatists is another one.  It is an act which undermines our sovereignty. An act which lowered the dignity of our national Flag, that too on the occasion of our Republic day, cannot be pardoned so easily. It cannot be construed as an innocent act which exceeded its limit.  She has worked in tandem with a Canada based organization which aims at breaking India and spread riots on the republic day just to defame our elected Government and bring it down as a result. 

Citing her age is not justified as even juveniles can be tried under adult laws considering severity of the offences they commit. And she is not that young to take shelter under that argument either. When a girl is trapped in Love jihad, the liberals who give vocal support to the Jamats say that the girl is an adult and she is capable of making her own decisions. But when it comes to such seditious acts they take refuge under the argument that she is not matured enough to understand the consequences of her acts. This argument has two fallacies wrapped into one. One they accept that the act is such a grievous one, and that they accept she has committed a crime against the Nation. Second is the fact that she is not a juvenile. As an educated adult individual she knows very well the consequences of her actions. She calls herself a climate activist and such a person cannot be presumed to be an innocent one when it comes to the issue which is of grave concern as far as our National Security is concerned. Law cannot presume a person to be ignorant especially when they have committed a crime against the Nation. The question also arises that if she feels that she is not guilty then why did she erase all the chats? The toolkit which she edited and sent to others to mobilize force to fight against the country is an offence against our Nation. The breaking India forces are working in unison. Time for us to gather all the scattered energies to work for the Nation.



Thursday, 8 April 2021

Need for Bharat.

 The world at present is witnessing two extremes of attitudes, the good and the bad, from two of the oldest of nations. The bad came from China and the entire Humanity suffered because of the Covid 19 Virus, which apparently originated from the labs of Wuhan.  More than 99 million people got affected by this Virus and around 2.13 million people perished in the last eight months due to this deadly biological weapon unleashed by the Chinese. Gone are the days of conventional wars. Nowadays the wars are fought by such surreptitious means, for which the world has to be prepared. Man has proved once again that he is the worst enemy of Humanity and also for the entire environment. 

Quite contrary to this unethical warfare another oldest nation has displayed what goes to prove that all is not lost for Humanity. India has developed a vaccine for this deadly virus and apart from giving relief to its countrymen it has also given succor to its neighboring countries and other poor and under developed counties.  India has announced that it will give the Vaccine to many of its neighbors and to some at free of cost. Already shipment of vaccine has reached Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Mauritius and Seychelles, just days after India launched its own nationwide inoculation program. This is also an effort to preempt the rich countries who would attempt to hoard vaccines by striking pre-purchase deals with pharmaceutical companies, across the world. India has also sent the vaccine to Brazil and the Brazil president Jair Messias Bolsonaro has equated India’s effort to that of Lord Hanuman bringing the Sanjeevani mountain to bring Lakshmana alive in the Ramayana war. Last year also India came to the aid of Brazil and USA when they needed anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine. This move of sending the vaccine in millions to the South Asian Counties will also be a move to counter the dominance China has in this region. India has clearly sent a subtle signal to the world that it will not be creating any problems but rather will be part of the solution. This is DHARMA in action.