Friday 4 March 2016

Fix the root of the problem…

One praises a terrorist and criticizes the nation for punishing him, another says that he will not rest till the country is divided. 

These are scenes we witnessed in the country’s premier educational institute, JNU, in New Delhi. One may wonder what makes them so rabidly anti national. What makes them detest our Heritage? The problem lies in our curriculum which seldom instills any values in the minds of the student. The reason why values like patriotism and nationalism are mocked at by some of the present day students is that the curriculum was designed by those who don’t subscribe to the concept of nation. Majority of our textbooks are written by leftist “intellectuals” who want to run down our country. This is an endeavour which is continuing right from the colonial days.  If the minds of children are filled with contempt towards Hinduism and India from childhood onwards, then how will they revere it when they grow up?

The intention of these curriculum designers is to wean the students away from the nationalistic fervour which  And the proven way to do that is foist a diabolical history on them. Nation has history and geography as two constituents in it. The Geography of a nation can be maintained intact only if real history of that nation is told to its subjects in entirety. The lessons that ought to be learnt from the History, the legacy to be revered and followed, the tradition and heritage which are to be fostered and promoted, can be instilled in the minds of the subjects only if it is told to them with a proper perspective. The Jews after their exodus from Egypt got scattered throughout the world. But they could regain their geography because of their knowledge about their History. It re ignited the fire, generation after generation to get their Holy land back, which fructified finally in 1948. Seeing such examples our adversaries are bent upon not only delinking our young generation from its heritage but also imposing a fabricated version of history on them. This is a sure and proven way to subvert a Nation’s sovereignty.
one would naturally have.

This subversive curriculum should be replaced by a nationalistic one. Only then can a holistic, harmonious, future be assured for our Nation. Many countries have the practice of compulsory induction of their citizens in Armed forces for a specific period. Such a program is also very much needed for a country like ours. Though because of the size of the population, implementing that may not be feasible, government can make enrolling in NCC and Scout mandatory for all the students in the schools. This will ensure that discipline and a sense of patriotism is instilled in the minds of the younger generation. These ought to be done expeditiously to stem the rot.



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