Monday 1 May 2023

Progress to the destined role. : May 2023


Progress to the destined role.

Vishwa Guru

Many of us would have heard the terms Bharat, the Jagat Guru or India, the Vishwa Guru, uttered by our boudhik pramukhs in the Hindu organizations. These terms are being dismissed by our liberal society as cliched or mere rhetoric propagated by the right wing. But during the second week of April, we heard this term from totally unexpected quarters. It came from the deputy foreign minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova. She while requesting India to intervene and play a greater role in bringing peace to the war-torn country of Her’s, also said that Ukraine views India as a Vishwaguru. For the first time in many years, we got to know about how other countries view us. She also said that our country has an important civilizational voice and Ukraine shares a common path with us as we promote values. This is in tune with the rising popularity of India as a Global Power.

We witnessed in recent times how our country managed to wriggle out of problems like the Pandemic and the problematic economic condition the world is currently in. While many around the world thought that India is one country which may find it difficult to handle such crisis because of its huge population, we proved to them wrong as we not only managed the crisis but also reached out with help to other countries. India’s image has improved globally through these endeavors, that too in spite of the farcical coverage by the biased western media. Our Prime Minister Sri Modi ji also chided the western media for this biased approach. The recent G20 presidency is another good opportunity for India to showcase her economic progress as well as the rich cultural heritage.

However, while we head the G20 summit and we are being hailed by foreign ministers and countries and even after helping the United states by supplying crucial medicines during the pandemic, when it comes to Indian students trying to study in foreign countries with the help of scholarships, many universities view our nation as a third world country and it lays down rules that the student who wishes to study in that particular university has to have taken up some leadership role apart from studies in order to qualify for the scholarship programs. It puts them in a spot where they have to prove their credentials which students from few other countries will not be needing to. This shows that we must not settle with the praise we are getting as there are developments and improvements which need to be done and it is high time, we take back the glory our country once had.

Students should be able to study whatever they want, wherever they want and that should happen because of the fact that India is really a vishwaguru and not because India is a third world country in the eyes of other countries’ education systems. The New Education policy which will be implemented from the 2023 - 2024 academic year could be the first step to that reform and the recent scrapping of chapters about Mughal invaders portrayed as emperors is a good step to denounce the false narrative and teach India’s future leaders, the correct history and history as it happened and not as how it was told to us through these false narratives. It would be great to see our country take its rightful place globally as it is high time we bounce back from the countless years of invasion and colonization. To do that we must take all the praise and recognition we are receiving and move forward using them as motivation rather than slowing down.