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Sadhana Diwas 2023: : Yuva Bharati November 2023

Sadhana Diwas 2023

This year Sadhana Diwas we shall be celebrating during the year of Vishesh Prashikshan Varsh which we have taken up as part of our Sadhana to be a best instrument of Divine.

It was the Divine Destiny that led Eknathji to start Vivekananda Kendra. The penance of Mother Kanyakumari and Meditation of Swami Vivekananda came to fruition in the form of Vivekananda Kendra.

For a nation builder the realties are to be taken into account to chalk out a path. Mananeeya Eknathji understood the natural ethos of the Indian mind. The Indian mind by nature is spiritual, it longs for Mukti, for God- realization, for eternal peace. Society can be taken ahead on the path of least resistance only. This natural longing of Indian mind if given a deeper dimension in the present context, it would make the people vibrant. Eknathji therefore focused on the message of Swami Vivekananda: "Serve man Serve God". Swami Vivekananda had said, 'what vain gods shall we go after and yet cannot worship the god that we see all around us, the Virat (Janata Janardan?) When we have worshipped this, we shall be able to worship all other gods.'

Eknathji felt that limiting God only to idols and temples and having no confidence in oneself is degrading our people. He said, "The remedy for the ills of our country, therefore, lies in launching a mighty movement of right thought sweeping the entire country. It has to be a two-pronged move. On the one hand, it is to be aimed at (1) transforming our people’s inherent God-wardness into the right spiritual urge rising out of the teachings of the Upanishads, namely, (a) each soul is potentially divine and (b) faith in God, in turn means faith in one’s self, i.e. in one’s potentiality to rise to divine heights. On the other hand, it is (2) to convert the spiritual fervour thus released into works of national reconstruction”.

The realization of Sri Ramakrishna "Shivabhave Jivaseva" was given as a message "Serve man Serve God" by Swami Vivekananda. Eknathji gave an opportunity to Karyakartas like us to practice this realization of Sri Ramakrishna and message of Swami Vivekananda in an organized way. Thus Vivekananda Kendra - a spiritually oriented service mission came into being.

Eknathji gave a higher dimension to service. So to do service we do not have to pray for poverty around or famines, floods or earthquakes. Awakening man to his great potential, to realize the divine within and thus to chanelise that awakened power for national reconstruction, for well- being of humanity, is spiritually - oriented service. Eknathji always insisted that our inspiration to work should be perennial. He pointed out that those who worked for the freedom of our country lost all enthusiasm, and zeal to work for nation, once we became independent. Therefore, we must have the perennial source of inspiration. It is necessary that we work to eliminate  anti-national forces, to organise our society, or work to make India great, but what after that? It is not perennial source of inspiration, but to manifest the divinity in our lives and life of others is perennial drive.  

If we see the history of mankind, God seem to have created each nation and culture to contribute to the evolution of man. Thus each nation has some destiny to fulfill. India, so to say, represents the soul of the human world. As long as India lives the world is safe. So only it was said "If India lives, who dies and if India dies, who lives". The very purpose of the existence of India is for the spiritual evolution of man. For the good of the world India has to come up. Swami Vivekananda had said that one vision that he saw clear before his eyes was the ancient motherland of ours rising once again more glorious than ever! Thus Eknathji said that it is God's plan that this nation has to come up to give light to the world, so Ishvara has chosen us as instrument. When we do work of national regeneration with this Bhava of instrumentality then it is Sadhana. Thus: 'Sadhana of Service.' If this 'sadhan -instrument' bhava is there then Karyakarta can never get disturbed by difficulties, nor will one deviate from the path. Sadhana Diwas is the day to remind ourselves that we are the instruments in His hands. 
On Sadhana Diwas we have to remember these thoughts.

1. As we are born in India, our mission of life cannot be different from the mission of nation. Our life should be such that it helps nation in delivering its message.

2. As a nation builder, we have to dive deep into our Upanishadic teachings and also see its deeper meanings relevant for the time. As Eknathji has done giving the meaning of Seva, of seeing God in oneself and around and therefore having confidence in oneself to rise to divine heights and work with that spiritual energy for the regeneration of nation.  

3. We are the chosen instruments. We have to do our best, rest He would take care.

4. For the well-being of the humanity, we work for the nation-rebuilding. For that we have to bring all people together so we have to see their goodness and urge to work for  nation. At the same time we have to steer clear of any sectarian views whether in political, social or religious field.

5. Ultimately, any philosophy boils down to what we are doing about it in our daily life. So, taking up a definite responsibility in Kendra Karya and fulfilling it, is required. The organizational responsibility can be discharged only if it is done regularly. Thus, the question that each Karyakarta should ask himself/herself is 'whether I give supreme most importance to organizational obligations so as to fulfill my Dayitva?' Thus, Sadhana means doing definite work for nation regularly for higher purpose.

6. To fulfill our Dayitva, we should work hard. One is struck with the purposeful hard work done by Eknathji all his life. And, therefore, nothing was impossible for him. He could mould himself as per the need of the work. He created teams for each type of work and in each region. It requires a great Sadhana to be a part of team as well as to mould ourselves and others to work harmoniously.

7. In the context of this year of Vishesh Prashikshan Varsh, can we take three sankalpas.

a. We take up collectively in our  Nagar or Prakalp the study of Kendra Prarthana by reading and discussing 'The Goal and The Way' for three consecutive days for 2-3 hours either preceding or succeeding Sadhana Diwas.

b. For a year take up the sankalpa of Apekshit-Upasthit. ‘Whether in Kendra Varga, baithak or Prashikshan Shibirs, I shall be present come what may. For Vishesh Prashikshan Shibir which is once in 50 years, I shall attend it. In any case, no-one can get 7 days leave from their seniors. It has to be taken. And this would be my sadhana, I shall take it. If I have missed my shibir then I shall attend next shibir, but I shall undergo it. Sadhana is not an easy word. If sadhana has to be done then it has it’s cost, and I am ready to pay it.’ Can we take such Sankalpa?

c. Can our Nagars take the collective Sankalpa that in Vishesh Prashikshan Shibir, upasthity would be between 95-100%. We take such sankalpa and fulfill it, in order to really celebrate Sadhana Diwas and with Nishtha to protect our Desh and Dharma.

As celebration of Sadhana Diwas is for Shaktisamvardhan, let us with sankalpa and striving really make it so.

                                                                                                                         Nivedita Raghunath Bhide


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