Saturday 6 August 2016


Our life must be meaningful and purposeful. And that purpose is to serve our Motherland and make nation strong and also the Jagadguru. We have discussed this point in this camp of 3 days on the occasion of Mananneeya Eknathji's Janma Shatabdi. Now let us all carry this message to our respective places and work to make this society well organised.

In our life we must instil all the qualities enumerated in Kendra Prarthana. Let each one of us try our level best to do this. So next time when we meet our activities should spread all around our society and Swamiji's message should get actualised.

Tyaga and Seva are the twin ideals Bharat has kept before it from time immemorial. Tyaga is meaningful only if it is connected with Seva. Our ancient scriptures have shown us the way to immortality in the Shloka 'Tyagen Eken Amritatvam Anushu:'. Western culture has thought Bhoga is important and everything is spent for Bhoga. Our culture has taught us, we have right to Bhoga only after Tyaga.

 Worker should be able to utilise his time and energy for the betterment of society. He should not spend his time on activities which are unnecessary or on activities of personal interest.

One must also develop a healthy view towards the society. He should be fully confident that the society will gradually develop into a perfect society. Righteousness in the society keeps the society in perfect balance and that is really Dharma. 

One should develop the habit of helping others to become better and not blame if there is fault in them. Sarthakata can be cultivated by developing various qualities like; Shraddha in Ishvara, Fearlessness ( Nirbhayata), Purity and Truthfulness( Pavitrata and Satya), detachment ( Anasakti), Karuna (Compassion),  Contentment (Santosh), cooperation (sahabhagita), intellectual , Gratefulness (Kritagyata), forgiveness (Kshama), Patience (Dhairya), Acceptance of all situations (Swikaryata), Excellence / Perfection (Utkrishtata), politeness (Vinamrata), courage (sahas), flexibility of mind/ adaptability to changes  (parivartanshil).

Every Worker of the Kendra should try to become an embodiment of all these qualities. This will make his life Sarthak and the Motherland Samarth.  

                                                                       P. Parmeswaran

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