Saturday 1 October 2022

Festival of Womanhood :October 2022

 Festive season is around and the next five to six weeks streets in India will be reverberating with the Sounds of the festivals. Cutting across the society these festivals touch everyone, irrespective of the

social strata. We will all be gearing ourselves up for these festivals which come one after another.

Dussehra, karva Chauth, Diwali all bring the bonhomie which propel the society towards richer harmony. These festivals have brought our communities together by providing not just the economic fillip but also emphasising the superior position of women in our society. Elsewhere in the world women are treated like objects to be enjoyed and exploited. But the reverence and position women ought to enjoy is exemplified in our culture through these festivals. These age old festivals reiterate the fact that women were enjoying a very exalted position in ancient India. In Hindu pantheon of gods every god has a goddess, implying that the male and female principles work together in the universe. Without freedom one cannot pursue any meaningful spirituality. If we feel that the present Indian society is short of it then we must do a soul searching to find out where we went wrong. The values are there for us to imbibe and follow. Unlike our sisters in the middle east where women are killed for not properly adhering to the Burkha system, Indian women are far better placed. India is the only Country at present, where God is worshipped in the female form. In the Mahabharata we read the incidents where Sulabha, a great women Yogi, came to the court of King Janaka and showed her prowess and wisdom, which she acquired through Yoga. In Hindu tradition mother and Motherhood are considered as superior to even Heaven.

Our festivals should pave a path for a grand revival of that hoary tradition. The nine days where the Goddess of wisdom, Goddess of wealth and Goddess of Valour are worshipped is the right time to remind ourselves about the slipped positions and the need to reclaim them.