Tuesday 1 June 2021

Face the trouble with Optimism

The entire Humanity is now engulfed with fear and pessimism. The fear of death is now more protruding than at any time in the last century. This virus has taken the Human Mind for a toll. The daily tolls and new case numbers are only adding fuel to the already blazing fear. This results in constant pumping of cortisol by our body which will be very harmful. But what is the way out? Thanks to our traditional wisdom we have the way. Yes, our Yoga is the panacea to all these evils caused by mental stress. Yoga teaches us to ward of the negative thinking in an easy manner. Yoga Sutras of Sage Patanjali teaches us the method called ‘Prati Paksha Bha- vanam’. 
It will not be possible for a person to stop having one particular thought. Instead he can adopt the method of ‘Prati Paksha Bhavanam’ wherein he has constantly think of the opposite. So to avoid having negative thoughts, we should dwell about positive issues more. When a negative thought comes up, counter act it with a positive thought. If one gets carried away by the negative thought process, then the reaction that one expresses will also be negative. So we should consciously allow the Positive thoughts to fill up the Mind. When the mind is caught in the wheels of Rajas and Tamas, stress and anxiety are experienced. But positive thought which are basically Sattwic in nature, brings Bliss and Peace to the Mind. Filling up the mind with positivity will en- sure there is no space of negativity. When we worry about our health, we attract ill-health. On the other hand, when focusing on feelings of appreciation, happiness, hope, love, joy and peace, all such emotions are positive and uplifting and so act on the body and mind to restore and maintain bal- ance and harmony and actually stimulate circulation and nutrition bringing to you wonderful experiences. 
 The one who does not allow himself to focus on or be influenced or con- trolled by fears or forebodings is the one who ordinarily does not yield to discouragements or disappointments. He who focuses on thoughts that evoke feeling good about oneself is continually drawing to him/her good things to happen. The good feeling thoughts are continually helping to actualize his/her vibration in the realm of the material and spiritual worlds. 
Yuva Bharati - Editorial Team