Friday 15 March 2024

Holika Dahan…: Yuva Bharati March 2024

 Holika Dahan…

The story of civilisations, around the world is replete with attempts to purify the individual’s character and as a result evolve as a society. The role of all the religions is to regulate, rectify and control the sub human tendencies, which Humans have by default. The role of culture is to change this default settings so that the future generations can step up further in their evolution. The growth of this process defines and distinguishes a civilisation from others. Festivals play an important role in imparting the corrections to the society. Every festival has an intrinsic social value apart from its outward religious hues. Our Holika Dahan is one such Festival. The purport of this Festival is that people participating in the Holika Dahan are pledging to “burn away” their bad habits, negative tendencies, greed, hatred towards fellow beings and renew their faith in Bhagawan Sri Vishnu. We, as Human beings have to constantly remind ourselves about the necessity to burn the evil and nurture the Good.

The ancient Pagan Religions also had similar festivals like celebration of Solstice in which they make Bonfires. Festivals like Ostara which symbolises Fertility, Rebirth and Renewal were celebrated by earlier Pagans are now being reinvented by Wiccans, the modern day Pagans too. This aspect is tied to the rejuvenation of the spirit and the celebration of life's beauty and vibrancy. It is a time for people to come together, forget and forgive past grievances, and reconcile with one another. It promotes harmony, unity, and the strengthening of bonds within communities. The tradition of applying colors to each other symbolizes this spirit of forgiveness and letting go of animosities. The spiritual reflections and the deeper spiritual connections are the essence of this wonderful festival of colours.