Saturday 24 May 2014

A very disturbing emerging nexus

Exactly a year back a Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu journalist living in another country contacted the present writer. He had important information to share. The ruthless destruction of Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan army and the silence of Indian state at this immense human tragedy had triggered a completely new set of dynamics he claimed. A section Sri Lankan Tamil youths feeling alienated, defeated, humiliated and above all feeling a terrible sense of betrayal by India were acquiring for the first time an intense sense of hatred towards India. In order to escape Singhalese persecution in the North Eastern province of Sri Lanka there are waves of conversion to Islam, the friend alleged. Prior to 2009 all conversion activities were banned in the Tamil provinces. However after the 2009 tragedy the floodgates of conversion were opened and pan-Islamist organizations were taking full advantage of the situation. Land a precious resource in the North-East provinces of Sri Lanka is being amassed by pan-Islamic organizations and Singhalese. So the Tamil population torn between these forces is rapidly declining.  Ultimately, that friend declared that by facilitating the decimation of Sri Lankan Tamils, the then Indian government had done an irreparable damage to Indian security. It has allowed a strong network of Jihad fire right under its legs which could be manipulated by Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka and other Pan-Islamic forces. 

This was in May 2013. Now the whole transcript of his communication looks like a prophetic warning. On the first of May 2014 the bombs went off in Chennai central railway station killing an innocent techie girl from Tamil Nadu and maiming 10 more for life. On the day of the bomb blast (Thurs day, May 1) Tamil Nadu ‘Q’ branch sleuths had arrested two associates of ISI operative Sakir Hussain from a hideout in Chennai. The police seized fake Indian currency to the tune of Rs 2.5 lakh from them. Police had arrested Hussain, 37, a Sri Lankan, on Tuesday just two days before the bomb blast. The arrested youths were identified as Siva Balan, 39, a Sri Lankan Tamil, and Mohammad Salim, 37, of Royapuram, Chennai. Siva Balan worked as a freelance journalist with a magazine in Chennai, while Salim was running a showroom in T Nagar. Police arrested them based on information given by Hussain.

Already the other South Indian state Kerala had become the hub of Jihad activities. Jihad in Kashmir had been outsourced to Kerala and bomb blasts in various South Indian cities like Bangalore were traced to Jihad brains in Kerala. The clever and cunning channelizing of Tamil anger at the insensitive arrogant attitude of the then Indian government into a hatred for India herself by the masters of Jihad network had spoiled in its first manifestation the lives of Tamils. But what chills one’s spine is the realization that this is just the beginning of the long series of problems and loss of Indian lives India is going to pay as price for the insensitive foreign policy towards Sri Lankan Tamils evolved by Nehru initially and taken to its inhuman logical conclusion by the Nehruvian Indian state. A Balochistan activist once stated in the net, ‘If there is one nation that I love as much as my own Balochistan it is Bharath and if there is one nation that I hate as much as the worst oppressor of my people in Pakistan, it is India.’  A harsh statement but that is the hell spot where decades of Nehruvian Delhi-centric insensitive foreign policies have landed us. 

Instead of being seen as a cultural and spiritual torch bearer of the South Asian and South East Asian regions, India is being seen as a culturally uprooted expansionist mechanical state run by corrupt and inhuman politicians lacking empathy for the fellow Indian cultural brethren scattered across the globe. From Fiji to Ethiopia, from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh the same insensitiveness is repeated again and again.  And now we also know that the geo-strategic void created by the Nehruvian pseudo-secular anti-human foreign policies is being exploited by terrorist forces in South India. A situation worse than the one in Kashmir is being brewed by anti-Indian forces and is being abetted by extra territorial forces, along the long coastal South India. 
In such a situation we need a paradigm shift in the thinking and actions of India’s foreign policy based on cultural and spiritual empathy for Indian cultural descendants everywhere, strong political will to crush not only the functional but also the ideological-theological fountainheads of terrorism, intelligence to identify and destroy the emerging terror networks. One hopes that the new government will chart out this new path and ensure that the South India lives in its traditional real peace and harmony rather than sit in a pseudo-calm posture over the mouth of a volcano.

Aravindan Neelakandan
Yuvabharati : Youth Icon : June 2014


  1. Excellent Eye Openiing Information about what is emerging around us.

  2. Very timely. This article was written in 2014 but appears even more relevant after the Easter serial bomb blasts across Sri Lanka a few days ago