About Yuva Bharati

YUVA BHARATI ! The Voice of Youth is ever a voice of renewal, - a voice of renaissance, like the music of the onrushing stream, which cutting across the rocks that come in its way, ever singsshall find a way or make it; and dances forward and onward to form a river, whose waters then meandering and flowing majestically and musically, fertilise the land and make it smile with beauty and laugh with plenty.

Youth of the World shall reshape the New World to be, and the Youth of India shall build a new Bharat nearer to their heart's desire. This is our faith.

It is in this faith in the Students and Youth — the builders, not only of Tomorrow but even of To-day — and with bright hopes in their dynamism and idealism, despite the encircling gloom, that we prayerfully as well as boldly and confidently launch this tiny boat in the growing stream of Student and Youth Journals which are on the increase in number.

How all wish they were also growing in the quality of their contents, so that interesting as they strive to be, they also were found to be informative and educative, even ennobling and inspiring for Youth, to do their best not only for the Motherland and the larger Humanity, but also for themselves — blossoming forth into beauty and power, giving off the fragrance of their creativity in constructive, character-making and nation-building channels, rather than being frustrated and defeated, or destructive and violent in turn, often at the instigation of conflicting political or other fighting groups.

Yma Bharati aspires and will strive to fulfil this wish and seeks to be the authentic voice of youth, bubbling with surplus energy, fired with idealism and yet not oblivious of the hard facts that face them, confronted as youth in India, as in the World, are to-day, with the birth pangs of a New Humanity, with new values.

Facing the problems challenging Youth to-day, Youth, with their unconquerable spirit, are determined to master them and not to be beaten by them ; and Yuva Bharati is launched to . mirror this mighty and moving, noble and dramatic human struggle and striving of Youth, in all spheres — educational and cultural, moral and social and economic and political. It aims at reflecting the joys and sorrows of this conflict between bubbling youth and their tottering environment, between frustrated youth and their cruel environment. It will portray their ecstasy as well as their agony, their tragedy, as well as their triumph.

The human spirit ever triumphs over adverse environment — this is our faith — the faith of Youth that knows that difficulties are there to be overcome, barriers are there to be crossed. He who wrestles with us strengthens us. The greater the struggle, the greater the victory and the glory, if we march with confidence and courage, and in a spirit of constructive zeal, rather than unthinking, destructive fury, as often happens.

Yuva Bharati, to be truly the Voice of Youth, invites all youth and maidens, to co-operate with us whole-heartedly, in mirroring their minds and hearts, recording their constructive, nation-building acti­vities, as well as their righteous and resolute struggles for a fair deal for them and for a New and better Order for all, in the New India to be. For. Politically free, India is not yet truly Bharat, true to her cultural heritage, which in its pristine purity, has a lot to give to the world, — the wisdom of its sages through the ages. India is not yet even economically free and prosperous, with the twin and terrible problems of unemployment, even educated unemployment, and the grinding poverty of our masses in their millions. Socially too, India has still to cast off its shackles of caste and other forms of oppressive inequality, in the modern age of increasing equality and of human dignity. The making of a New India, the renaissance of India, true to its tremendous heritage, and mastering the challenges of to-day, successfully and creditably, becoming a leader in its own right and not a camp follower or imitation copy of another, is the great and grand, difficult task faced by modern youth in India. Yuva Bharati sets out to be the voice of this conquering spirit of youth, determined and not deterred by difficulties.

The thoughts of youth are required to keep the world young. Yuva Bharati, welcomes these thoughts and visions and actions and activities, leaving it to its youthful readers to choose to send them in the form of poems or stories, letters or articles, dialogue or drama. Its dream is to be the Voice of Youth. The fulfilment of this dream and aim depends, Dear Young Readers, on your co-operation. We know, Yuva Bharati will grow dear to you, in the measure of your co-operation, and we assure you of our hearty co-operation, warm welcome and freedom of expression, which is the life-breath of true growth of Youth, for which Yuva Bharati will staunchly and consistently stand.